published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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Every time a carbonhysteric tells you that we're all gonna die because our CO₂ production is going to make Earth into Venus, show him this graphic.

Today you'll learn how to have Home Assistant assist you during steak cooking, oven use, pot roast preparation, and anything that requires you getting the temperature just right.

The second war on cryptography is not going to be like the first one. This time, it's not just private communications at stake — pardon the pun — but rather the foundation of sound economies itself.

You advocated for us to be locked up, alone, unemployed, and miserable. And now you tell us "let's forget about all that?" without even bothering to ask for an apology? No. We will never, ever forget that.

You may have escaped being part of the mass formation psychosis, but you should be very careful to ever trust again those who fell for it. They wanted separated from the world, or dead — and it didn't take much for them to be convinced of it.

Despite their mightiest efforts, the pricks at the FATF and their sycophants in national organizations have not yet been able to completely stamp out the trade of Bitcoin under free, voluntary, private and consensual terms.

When you hear it said that climate cultists are thinly-veiled Communists, pay close attention. Often, "climate" is merely a dog whistle — a pretext to implement the socialist policies, presented as "solutions" to "the climate crisis", that the cultists so ardently desire.

In the onslaught against common sense, decency and truth, Merriam-Webster was not alone. Shill #1 of the now-known-harmful injections from Big Pharma was the Center for Disease Control, running cover for Big Pharma from all angles — including the very definitions of terms.

Watch Matt Walsh outline the well-known formula, used by a video show host, to reprogram his audience into rejecting obvious truths, and hating those who speak them.

In a parliamentary hearing, a Pfizer employee named Janine Small admits they never tested that their injections prevent COVID transmission — as we now know.

A glimpse into how the United Nations and Google collude — to privilege their catastrophist dogma, above all other information regarding climate change.