COVID-19 heresy: front page

published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

All you need to know about COVID-19, the global response to the pandemic, and its frightening cult disciples, that you won't ever hear from the Cathedral.

I paid a very high price to avoid the poison. You took it giddily — and hated me for not taking it. Now you get to deal with the consequences.

How many mutations does SARS-CoV-2 need to experience, before it stops "being COVID"?

You advocated for us to be locked up, alone, unemployed, and miserable. And now you tell us "let's forget about all that?" without even bothering to ask for an apology? No. We will never, ever forget that.

You may have escaped being part of the mass formation psychosis, but you should be very careful to ever trust again those who fell for it. They wanted separated from the world, or dead — and it didn't take much for them to be convinced of it.

In the onslaught against common sense, decency and truth, Merriam-Webster was not alone. Shill #1 of the now-known-harmful injections from Big Pharma was the Center for Disease Control, running cover for Big Pharma from all angles — including the very definitions of terms.

In a parliamentary hearing, a Pfizer employee named Janine Small admits they never tested that their injections prevent COVID transmission — as we now know.

Once the crisis caused by government locking down was well underway, they seized on this opportunity to enact the largest wealth transfer from poor to rich in all history of Mankind.

Well well well... it looks like the "conspiratards" were right all along. Remember: if the CDC / NIH had accepted ivermectin as treatment back in 2020, the staggering grift that were the "vaccines" would have never been legally received emergency authorization.

An organization turned absolutely worthless by mission creep and bureaucracy, which might well kill more people than it saves.

Google has been caught sabotaging tabulated user data about COVID-19 deaths. If you use Big Tech to analyze data that merely hints at taboo conclusions, expect disruptions by the Digital Stasi.

Learn about the Milgram and the Asch experiments — knowledge about the dark parts of humanity that have enabled every human-caused tragedy in history. Learn as well about the good parts of humanity — such as courage and conviction — that counterbalance the human tendency towards tragedy.