15 methods to acquire Bitcoin privately

published Oct 12, 2022

Despite their mightiest efforts, the pricks at the FATF and their sycophants in national organizations have not yet been able to completely stamp out the trade of Bitcoin under free, voluntary, private and consensual terms.

15 methods to acquire Bitcoin privately

Your privacy is important to us — and not in the fake sense that banks say it.

The details are available in this well-written article at The Sovereign Bitcoiner.  Here is the short list:

  1. Bisq
  2. Hodl Hodl
  3. RoboSats
  4. Azteco
  5. AgoraDesk
  6. Peach
  7. LocalCryptos
  8. LocalCoinSwap
  9. Bitcoin Voucher Bot
  10. LNP2PBot
  11. #Bitcoin-OTC marketplace
  12. Bitcoin ATMs
  13. Mining
  14. Meetups / conferences / events
  15. Earning Bitcoin!