published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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Google has been caught sabotaging tabulated user data about COVID-19 deaths. If you use Big Tech to analyze data that merely hints at taboo conclusions, expect disruptions by the Digital Stasi.

We will never forget what the trans lobby inflicted on these desperate folks.

History is not called HERstory, because the people making history were far too busy to lecture others on what to call it.

How the "moral arguments" (in truth, кто кого) of the cultural Marxist flip-flop, when he doesn't find himself in power anymore.

To bring about the revolution, these are the steps they plan to follow. They did it in Maoism, they did it in Cambodia, and they'll do it to you.

How did "the fight against racism" turn into Kafkaesque witch hunts, complete with company audits to see if they don't have the "right number" of black or latino people?

If someone told you it was about the First Amendment, maybe that person never understood what the value of free speech is. Or maybe he understands full well.

Judging by the numbers, it is clear that putting efforts into fixing racism has only made it worse. This only makes sense once one learns that "racism" was invented by a Communist as a demoralization tactic to sow hate and division.