published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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The government engages in gaslighting, media parrots it, someone changes Wikipedia to paint the lie as truth, then the debate is terminated. Totalizing political propaganda — don't you know your chocolate rations are larger than ever, peasant?

Child abuse — particularly sexual abuse — is the biggest cause of crime, suicide, drug abuse and human misery in general. This undercover recording (warning: very distressing content) shows some uncomfortable admissions of abuse.

Google has been caught sabotaging tabulated user data about COVID-19 deaths. If you use Big Tech to analyze data that merely hints at taboo conclusions, expect disruptions by the Digital Stasi.

We will never forget what the trans lobby inflicted on these desperate folks.

History is not called HERstory, because the people making history were far too busy to lecture others on what to call it.

How the "moral arguments" (in truth, кто кого) of the cultural Marxist flip-flop, when he doesn't find himself in power anymore.