published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Feb 10, 2022

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Don't dare think outside the box you were prescribed.

Here is the quintessential face of the enforcer of the State. When there's an inadequate supply of sadists to fill this role, the State manufactures more through their "educational" institutions.

The horrific evil of disturbing children growing up with forced mask wearing is an evil that, perhaps, will never see justice.

The man tried, and failed, to smear the Freedom Convoy as "racists" and other contemporary slurs. Truth be told, Justin "Fidelito" Trudeau never found a hypocrisy that didn't fit him well.

Like what, exactly, Herr Lauterbach? Concentrate them forcibly in an area? Imprison them for resisting your coercive orders?

No. You, and people who agreed with you, ruined millions of lives, livelihoods, and families with your deranged lockdown experiment. You don't get to dodge your blame for that. Fuck you, and fuck off.

It took Twitter only a few hours to suppress the spread of this tweet pointing out a BBC news clip that admits some mRNA injections include HIV parts in them. We saved it for you in case of censorship.

Happy first anniversary to the most obvious public medicine lie ever told. Yes, we remember when they lied that you wouldn't catch or transmit COVID, if you surrendered to these lucrative products.