The CDC also redefined "vaccines" to shill for the mRNA injections

published Oct 11, 2022, last modified Dec 13, 2022

In the onslaught against common sense, decency and truth, Merriam-Webster was not alone. Shill #1 of the now-known-harmful injections from Big Pharma was the Center for Disease Control, running cover for Big Pharma from all angles — including the very definitions of terms.

The CDC also redefined "vaccines" to shill for the mRNA injections

This is what CDC said, on their Web site, about vaccines before Big Pharma began exploiting the crisis and people's terror to peddle their shots:

This is what they said shortly after the injections were released, as they were marketed under the "vaccines" name:

As reported here previously, there's well-documented video of pharma execs leveraging this systematic deceit to peddle their wares.

When I say there was a genuine Gleichschaltung, only rivaled in history by Nazi society transformation, it's because that actually happened — corporations and governments all coordinated simultaneously to distort reality in the most absurd of ways, just so that these products could be sold at any cost.

Can you believe anything these scumbags say anymore?

Why would they feel compelled to redefine the term, though?


They had to redefine the word "vaccine", so that the obedient would lose the capacity to make the distinction between actual vaccines that are safe and work like vaccines, and "vaccines" that work poorly and aren't safe.  The obedient thinks he's getting a vaccine when he gets a COVID mRNA shot; he is not.  But the people who want him to obey — low in scruples, high in determination — were all too happy to exploit this deceit.

Spot the deceit: