Who, really, are the most prolific child abusers?

published Oct 12, 2022, last modified Oct 15, 2022

Media and intelligentsia have for decades written about child abuse in churches. But the child abusers they don't write about says a lot about them.

Who, really, are the most prolific child abusers?

Turns out the prevalence of child abuse in government schools is much, much higher than in any other non-home sphere.

According to The Justice Firm's sources,

Sexual abuse can take place in school toilets, playgrounds, classrooms, as well as on transportation or while students are on field trips. Another alarming concern is students abusing their peers, although teacher-on-student abuse gets more widespread attention. In fact, student-on-student assault in schools is seven times more prevalent than adult-on-child sexual assault.

Research also shows that one in every ten children will experience sexual abuse by the time they turn 18. This data includes the following grim realities that suggest that 1 in 7 girls and 1 in 25 boys wioll be sexually exploited before they turn 18.

In short: not only are school teachers all too prone to abusing their pupils, under their "watchful" eye students often abuse each other.  Government schooling is more like a prison than we'd like to admit.

The next time someone makes a priest the butt of a sexual abuse joke, make sure to show him this information.