published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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No, I am not; a phobia is not what you think it is; you are using that term as an insult to attack me, instead of reasoning with me.

Respond to "these are my pronouns" by striking at the heart of the personal threat behind made-up pronouns.

Whenever you have the slightest doubt that evil exists, just remember what the original American dynasty did to their daughter, to protect themselves from embarrassment. Then, you will know in your bones that evil is real, and it is far more horrific than what Hollywood told you to believe.

Hollywood would have you believe that their cartoonish heroism of super robots and super powered men is what heroism is all about. Real heroism is far simpler — it can simply be loudly speak your mind, even in the face of hordes of detractors, even when it can land you in jail.

Attacks on science are the latest manifestation of SJWist cultural Marxism, right in a university campus. More evidence that SJWism / cultural Marxism is a program to destroy truth, whether they admit it or not.

Racism means prejudice based on race. There is no exception that blesses certain people to act in racist ways against others, and those who speak or act based on racial prejudice are racist, no magical group-membership exceptions allowed. This is a reasoned examination of the sophist "social justice" redefinition of the word "racism" by Sargon of Akkad.

Most people are eager to trot out all sorts of criticisms about corporations, but they never dare apply those exact same criticisms to their State. Bitbutter takes one minute to point out that irrationality.

The current moral fashions make the heritability of intelligence a taboo topic. Lots of people confuse population data averages with the ability to draw conclusions about a single individual. Worse still, many people erroneously believe the lie of IQism — the erroneous belief that being more intelligent makes them better or more moral. Let's end the taboo, the confusion and the lie at once — listen to this series of conversations with experts on intelligence.

Phobia used to mean irrational fear, and phobic people were treated with sympathy and understanding. In the lips of a SJW, "phobia" is entirely different — it is an insult they use to induce shame and guilt on their victims. Here is a video from Dave Cullen explaining how the SJW cadre has destroyed the very meaning of the word "phobia".

How cultural Marxism is degenerating our society into a perpetual state of denial about basic facts. Explained through a metaphor for ease of understanding.

Feminism and emancipation were never about equality — they were about justice and freedom. Equality (of outcome, of opportunity, et cetera) is a wildcard that supplants impartiality and freedom of opportunity. Don't let people fool you into thinking equality is a moral virtue!