"Hating on [race] is not racism because [pretext]"

published Nov 01, 2016

A general response to racists of all stripes.

"Hating on [race] is not racism because [pretext]"


Do you propose, support or act upon the double standard Hating on [people of a certain race] is not racism because [pretext]?

Then you are:

  1. Wrong, because your conclusion does not follow from your pretext, and it certainly does not carve a special exception in the concept of racism.
  2. Unable to reason, because your feeble intellect should have deduced this, but somehow could not.
  3. A fucking idiot, because you and your fellow idiots are the ones continuing to perpetuate racist hate.

That is all.

Nota bene:

When I look at the typical pretexts that contemporary bigots in general give to excuse their bigotry, I find that the pretext is culturally Marxist — that is, it uses the Marxist brainwash of class struggle, applied to gender, race, sex, et cetera, to arrive at the wrong conclusions, which just so happen to excuse their hatred for the group they want to attack.  Learn more about cultural Marxism on this blog — we have tons of educational material on the subject.