published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Feb 10, 2022

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A fascinating one-hour talk by Tom Woods where he fleshes out the history of rights and how the idea of rights has evolved through the centuries.

"The rules are for the peasants, not for the rulers." Or, how the very same act is either "good" or "bad" depending on rhetoric, sleight of hand, magic, lies.

Why do people continue to believe stupid and false things even after you've demonstrated to them that their beliefs are stupid?

"To Chen’s surprise, Felix and the others responded rationally. When the price of a given food rose, the monkeys bought less of it, and when the price fell, they bought more. The most basic law of economics — that the demand curve slopes downward — held for monkeys as well as humans."

An excellent introduction to philosophy, from Freedomain Radio.

Found on Reddit, rewritten a bit to fix grammar issues. Interesting comment.

Let the truth be known to everyone, that Mother Teresa was not compassionate, not noble, and not worthy of any veneration.