"Racism! Sexism! Homophobia!" as modern witchhunting

published Nov 10, 2016

When you get accused with these terms, know how to respond.

"Racism! Sexism! Homophobia!" as modern witchhunting

The following is mostly not original thought of mine.  It was described by @ClarkHat on his Twitter timeline.  I've transcribed it for your enjoyment.

Trump is terrible in a lot of ways.  Crude, untrustworthy, unethical, unchaste, et cetera.

But, as best as I can tell, he's not racist.

And yet progressives (SJWs) keep harping on his supposed racism, homophobia, anti-LGBT, et cetera.  They've basically got a script.  They use "racism / homophobia / sexism" as the phonemes, but these are just stand-ins for witchcraft.

— Trump is a witch!
— I see no evidence he's a witch.
— Yes! Witches hide their witchcraft.
— I don't think that–
You must be a witch too!

All these bigotry / witchcraft charges are Kafkatraps.  You can never disprove them, and if you don't join the witchhunt, you're suspect too.

Here is a perfect example:

This accusation makes no sense.  These groups of people are groups of people we can discuss without there being any racist meaning.  Merely mentioning them in discussion is not racist.

But, you see, it is an unwritten rule that SJWs are always allowed to talk about, say, "inner cities".  That privilege, however, does not extend to non-SJWs.  if a non-SJW ever talks about that, then witchcraft!... er, racism!  This is a key insight.

Let's check this other Tweet out.  Again, this is a perfect example of the SJW pathology in full swing:

Or take, for example, Trump using the term "globalist cabal".  OK, great.  I actually like free trade, support NAFTA, et cetera.  But there are coherent arguments against it.  Certainly it's true that there's a trans-nationalist elite.  "London is a global city".  Davos / ski weekends in the Alps.  Et cetera.  SJWs and progressives of all stripes themselves celebrate this trans-national elite!  You can read about it in The New York Times, The Economist, et cetera.  It's not a secret and it's not a conspiracy.

So Trump acknowledges it too.

Then, suddenly, saying "there is a globalist cabal" becomes illegitimate because... why, exactly?  Because it's "anti-semitic"?  Says who?

That'd be SJWs.

This is a really clever — twisted and dishonest, but clever — way to control other people's speech.  You know how trolls sue anyone who leaves a bad online review?  This is exactly what SJWs do when they declare that term so-and-so is a "dog whistle".  They get to use the term, but if you use the term, then they "sue" you, and the way they charge you, is to implicitly accuse you of bigotry by labeling the term as "dog whistle".  When they use the term, it's perfectly innocent.  When you use the term, clearly you're telegraphing some secret bigoted message.

Now, consider this.  The premise behind the term "dog whistle" is that dog whistles are meant to code a secret message for bigots, while not arising any suspicion in "normal good-thinking people".  If we accept that premise, then SJWs' "dog whistles" all appear to come with factory defects, because the only people who keep hearing the alleged "whistle" are the SJWs who fancy themselves "normal good-thinking people".  All of us outside their groupthink hear nothing.  Or maybe it's the case that the "dog whistles" are all in perfect working condition, we are the "normal good-thinking people", and they are the horrible racists who signal each other, while we remain 100% oblivious to their bigoted ultrasound chatter?

OK, what's the next one on the list?  The fact that some KKK-ers support Trump?  Okay.  What of it?  Some Communists support Hillary Clinton and Bernie, and the Communists were six orders of magnitude more effective at exterminating people they hated.

There's no evidence of racism on the part of Trump.  What there is evidence of — oodles of it — is the fact that SJWs deceive people with these manipulation tactics we've discussed here.  Try it yourself — chat up someone who doesn't support Trump and ask him for evidence that Trump is racist.  See for yourself what they say.

I think I know what's at play here, and it's the good old human bias to stubbornly reason from conclusions no matter what reality shows.  See, SJWs start from the conclusion that Trump is a bigot; then, when they can't find any actual evidence of bigotry, they turn to inventing hidden or outright false meanings for things Trump has said.  When someone in the audience exercises common sense and rejects such ludicrous distortions of the truth, that's when they turn to their modern witchcraft manipulation tactics,

This process of irrationality, my friends, is as timeless as torturing people was, back when saying that God doesn't exist was torture-worthy.

I used to — like most of us — be afraid of being called a racist.  Now I don't care.  I've hired black engineers and fired black mailroom clerks.  I treat African Americans like I treat anyone else.  And if you don't believe me:

I will not perform an anti-witchcraft dance.  I will not denounce other innocent people.  I don't give a shit about being called a racist.

Some take this too far.  They feel exhilaration of not being in fear, and they lash out against those that they perceive repressed them.  They start going out of their way to call out names, or to make minorities feel bad.  WWJD?  Not that.