The "Nazi Frog" media blitz is complete bullshit

published Sep 19, 2016

It's propaganda of the worst quality, it is unfit for all but the most corrupted minds, and it's doomed to fail.

The "Nazi Frog" media blitz is complete bullshit

By now, I'm sure you have seen the media tell the public a story about Pepe the frog, and how Pepe is a secret Nazi symbol.

Just in case you haven't, here's a screencap from MSNBC, to prove how low they have sunk:

Oh, my, the frog is a Nazi?

We tackle this controversy with the basic question that critical thinking requires you to ask of the players behind it:

What do the media want you to believe?

I will give you the conclusion and then I will show you the proof.

  1. The media, most of whose members are Hillary supporters, is dishonest.
  2. They want you to hate Trump supporters like they do themselves.
  3. Many Trump supporters are fond of Pepe memes.
  4. Therefore, the most expedient lie to peddle, is that people who post Pepes online are secretly Nazis.
  5. ∎ Trump = Pepe = Nazi.

This propaganda trick is a simple cart-before-the-horse lie, which is trivial to demonstrate, and has been done before to the same effect.

For proof, commentary of the past in the form of a few images.  Let's start with the anatomy of a previous hoax, this one truly mounted by actual, proper Nazis.

 Jesus Christ, why is this guy drawing such a horrible antisemitic picture?

This Ben Garrison cartoonist surely must be a dyed-in-the-wool Nazi, right?

Well, no.  The truth is that there are a few members of Stormfront, the infamous Nazi site, who like to take Ben Garrison's cartoons and, ahem, "repurpose" them for the purpose of Nazi propagandizing.  Here is the original cartoon:

My question to the media would be: should you post a cartoon by Ben Garrison, does that mean you are a Nazi worthy of hate?

The answer is simple: No, of course not.  Only the stupidest idiots, incapable of understanding plagiarism, could conclude such a thing.  As you know, you better not listen to idiots for life advice, especially advice about what you should be ashamed of.

Now, the Stormfront people have been at it for years.  Look at this:

Look at these Nazis!  Who would know that posting pictures of Harry Potter actresses (Voldemort and Hermione) or Obama meant that one was a crypto-Nazi, right?

Oh, my God, people using Doge images are all deplorable!

So far, all we've learned is that anyone with a simple computer, and the most basic of computer drawing software, can sit down and pretend any popular meme is an expression of Nazi support.  All it takes is to know which way the swastika spins, a computer mouse, and a willingness to plagiarize popular ideas in order to advance ideologies.

OK, so the media's failed theory about Pepe Nazis fails.  But the media could still say something like "well, but in the case of Pepe, they adopted that meme, so much so that the meme became about spreading Nazism".  That's still possible, right?

Well, no.  That would be one of those theories that is testable by looking at data, and the data say no.  See, if this steel-man theory was true, then you'd observe a few obvious things.  Web image searches would show a predominance of Nazi themes in Pepe images.  General Web search results would skew to a majority of sources indicating that Pepe's a Nazi thing.

So what do you see in reality?

Well, what you see is simple: all the "sources" for this "Nazi Pepe" theory are exclusively from the mainstream media.

The numbers don't fit either.  Even after including the full-of-lies articles posted lately by the mainstream media:

Neither do the available image searches show any sort of predominance of Nazi themes:

Amazing, right?  It's as if the AI in the fastest-reacting search engine in the world still doesn't know that Pepe "is about Nazism", according to the media's bullshit theory.  There's Pepes about pretty much everything from Penis Pepe, to Shrek, to even Peperoni!  But Nazi Pepes?  Wow, they don't show!  (FYI: SafeSearch was off for this exercise)

So the data shows us, conclusively, that the "Nazi Pepe" thing is 100% a hoax, from the same bottom-feeders who make up hoaxes day after day, week after week.  Knowing their bias throughout this 2016 election cycle, we can put two and two together — we can easily deduce they fabricated the hoax to generate hate against Trump and his supporters.

Most of the media are liars who tell you lies, and they think so low of your intellect and morals, they expect you not to cross-check the bullshit they try to pipe up your ass.  They repeat their lies constantly to get you to swallow them.  Don't!