Calling each other "comrade" is proper cultural Marxism

published Nov 06, 2016, last modified Dec 28, 2021

More evidence that the cultural Marxists are closely aligned with the original Marxists and control institutions where.

Yours truly has been explaining for some time now that cultural Marxism — embodied in the many social justice doctrines — is in fact a descendant of original political Marxism, with the explicit goal of "marching through the institutions" in order to infest them all and, therefore, gain hegemony over them.

Here's the latest piece of evidence that shows the cultural Marxists are regular Marxists after all: watch how students educated by cultural Marxists are now being told entirely unironically to call each other "comrades", just like in Communist Soviet Russia, and for the exact same reasons of "equality between the sexes":

Each and every person that calls cultural Marxism a conspiracy theory is either the victim of deceit and misinformation, or exercising deceit and misinformation himself.