Let me teach you how media brainwashing works

published Nov 18, 2016, last modified Feb 01, 2022

It's not rocket science and it's not extraordinary. Learn how it's done from the masters of deceit: CNN.

Let me teach you how media brainwashing works

I want to show you a picture.  It's a screenshot from the video at the bottom of this page (you can watch it at the end of this post).

What we have here is a clear-cut example of media brainwashing.  While the usual airheads talk mindlessly about Trump's transition work, the person operating the show console simultaneously plays a clip of Reagan being shot at.

You may think this is absurd — the two things being broadcast are totally unrelated.  You would be right — it is absurd, but manipulation doesn't have to make sense in order to work.  The juxtaposition works subliminally to associate in your head the idea of Trump and the idea of assassination.  If you were watching idly and not paying too much conscious attention, you just got programmed to associate these two things in your head.

Now think about this: out of three hundred million people, what are the odds that there will be just one person sufficiently psychotic to take this brainwashing attempt as some sort of divine calling to assassinate Trump?

While you do that math, keep in mind that mentally unbalanced people do not need much of a pretext to do horrible things.  Remember that Hinckley shot Reagan to "impress his girlfriend Jodie Foster".

I don't have to tell you how evil this brainwashing is.  But I do have to remind you that mass media play these sorts of manipulative tricks on their audience, day in and day out.  With mass media, you are not the customer — you are the product.

Do your mental health a favor:

Say no to mass media.

Turn off CNN.