Beware the P.C. game

published Nov 07, 2016, last modified Dec 28, 2021

Professor Jordan Peterson gives us an in-depth review of the game plan that social justice warriors use to weasel themselves into a group and put themselves in a permanent state of unearned moral superiority.

Beware the P.C. game

The essence of the game that SJWs use goes as follows:

  1. Identify an area of human activity.
  2. Note a distribution of success.
  3. Identify winners and losers.
  4. Claim that the losers are losing only because they are oppressed by the winners.
  5. Claim allegiance with the losers.
  6. Feel secure in your comprehensive explanation of the world.
  7. Revel in your moral superiority.
  8. Target your resentment towards your newly-discovered enemies.
  9. Repeat.  Forever.  Everywhere.

Note how the progression is modeled exactly after Marxist class analysis.  This is yet another form of proof that social justice warrior ideology, often called "political correctness", is in fact cultural Marxism — the practice of using Marxist class analysis to critique the world — in action.

Jordan Peterson explains the game plan in detail

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