Heroism is daring to say what you are not allowed to say

published Oct 19, 2016, last modified Dec 28, 2021

Hollywood would have you believe that their cartoonish heroism of super robots and super powered men is what heroism is all about. Real heroism is far simpler — it can simply be loudly speak your mind, even in the face of hordes of detractors, even when it can land you in jail.

The man you are about to see has faced horrible treatment and abuses, simply for daring to say "no" when he was cajoled into using made-up pronouns — an act of dissidence that could very well become classified as a crime in Canada, where this man lives.

Truthfully, we have had many attacks on freedom of speech by way of laws that prohibit people from saying certain things. But the new Canadian law is something quite unique: it does not just prohibit you from saying something, but it also punishes you for refusing to say something that others want to force you to say.

The brazen authoritarianism of such a punitive demand is unprecedented, but not entirely surprising — those of us who studied cultural Marxism knew this was their endgame.  They always wanted that — if you dare question their agenda, then they want you broke, exiled and in prison, so none dare question their agenda.

Here he is, speaking his mind, over the noises of many disruptors who do not want others to hear what he has to say.