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by Rudd-O published Nov 13, 2008 05:00 PM, last modified Nov 17, 2015 03:33 AM
This is the front page of Welcome, and enjoy!
That awkward moment... by Rudd-O — last modified Apr 23, 2016 06:04 AM
...when the well-off 21st century Maoist yells at a senior Soviet Union exilee about how he should be thrown in a forced labor camp.
It's April 18, and taxation is still theft by Rudd-O — last modified Apr 18, 2016 07:32 PM
Salt Mine voices their thoughts on the matter.
The State Lives in the Minds of its Victims by Rudd-O — last modified Apr 05, 2016 01:23 PM
That Is Where It Must Be Vanquished.
Beware people who want to paralyze you by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 27, 2016 04:47 PM
A phenomenal Molyneux video — instant classic if you ask me — unmasking nitpickers and trolls for what they really are.
Wrestling with (actual) inclusion at LambdaConf by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 27, 2016 04:54 AM
John A De Goes' response to the scandal manufactured by the SJW faction to suppress Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug) from LambdaConf — and why his response is a win for actual heterogeneity and richness of thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Bravo!
Marantz AV7702mkii hum issues? by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 25, 2016 03:45 PM
If you hear a faint, or a loud, hum coming from the speakers connected to your Marantz preprocessor, here is the fix.
True Believers, leftism, irrationality, collectivism, Marx, Hitler and Mussolini by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 25, 2016 02:12 PM
What they won't tell you — they have far more in common than you have been told.
Fixing KDE 5 crashes upon monitor connection in Fedora 23 by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 23, 2016 07:05 PM
KDE 5 has a nasty bug in its libraries that causes applications like KWin and Plasma to crash. Here is the fix.
Political correctness is fascism, pretending to be manners by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 19, 2016 11:37 PM
An excerpt from the work of the great late George Carlin.
How to invert left and right sound channels on the fly by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 18, 2016 10:39 AM
Sometimes you need to diagnose a particular problem with your stereo's setup, or your headphones, or the speakers of your laptop. Maybe one of the sides sounds louder than the other, maybe you think you have a blown tweeter, maybe it's the audio signal currently playing? Here's a trick to test that without reconnecting any cables or adding any hardware to your setup.
Where microaggressions come from by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 13, 2016 02:36 PM
A sociological account, shared by Jonathan Haidt, which explains why concerns for microaggressions have gone viral.
Moral dumbfounding, statism and you by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 14, 2016 08:39 AM
That thing which happens in every debate with a statist, and which every libertarian knows full well, is actually well-studied. It even has a name.
"Safe spaces" and the new religion of social "justice" by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 12, 2016 06:16 PM
Sam Harris and Jonathan Haidt on the disturbing trend of vindictive protectiveness.
Socialists are responsible for the utter starvation and economic failure in Venezuela by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 10, 2016 11:42 PM
And no one else. An article by Anen-o-me.
Beware of Kafkatrapping by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 09, 2016 12:37 AM
Wendy McElroy aptly summarizes the truth about the manipulative tactic known as Kafkatrapping, a term coined by Eric Raymond to describe that pattern of manipulation.
America, class warfare and Donald John Trump by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 08, 2016 11:59 PM
Hindsight is 20/20 but, in more than one way, the rise of Trump was inevitable.
Statism starts at home by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 07, 2016 12:58 AM
The differences -- racial, socioeconomic, gender -- get branded in people's brains way before they can even remember them. This is how.
Delphix ZFS (based on Open ZFS) now supports device removal by Rudd-O — last modified Mar 03, 2016 12:51 AM
That long, long wait for the feature that everyone demanded — the ability to remove a device from a running pool — is now here.
A PUA, an MRA and a SocJus walk into a bar by Rudd-O — last modified Feb 10, 2016 05:18 AM
Yes, a bar joke.
Permission to travel by Rudd-O — last modified Feb 02, 2016 12:04 AM
$110 just so you can leave. That's ten to two hours of work for normal folks. A stern reminder of how you're not "free to leave".