published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 29, 2021

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The easiest tell? All members suddenly (and seemingly coincidentally) think exactly the same irrational nonsense. Remember — coronazism is real.

Yes. Otherwise sane people completely convinced that taking children to dine is "abusive" and "divorce-worthy". Only a completely deranged person would think this way — and yet, today, there are many deranged people that, just two years ago, weren't deranged at all. Coronazism is real.

The Moderna mRNA injections enjoy the dubious honor of being the first in all these aspects.

The assholes in charge figured out that the public would let them do whatever absurd shit they wanted, if only they wrap their evil agendas in some form of collectivist panic. And they also figured out that a fake crisis works just as well for their purposes.

Artificial impoverishment is every bit as real as natural poverty. A look — prepared by Ice Age Farmer — at the agenda that the World Economic Forum and other NGOs have planned for you and your children.