Property is theft, cultural Marxist edition

published Apr 05, 2024

What do the ideas about cultural appropriation, land acknowledgement, and unrestricted invasion of the West have in common?

Property is theft, cultural Marxist edition

As we all know, Communism is based entirely on theft, but they wouldn't say so. They would say they understand the concept of theft correctly and no one else does.

As you are about to see, the Communist concept of theft is at the very core of the modern cultural Marxism beliefs regarding cultural appropriation, land acknowledgement, and support for invasions in the West.

What is theft in the Communist's mind?

What do they believe about property? The Communist view of property is that it isn't something that is owned by individuals with their right to own it secured by the government. It's that all property is common-wealth owned by the communal commonwealth. In other words, all property is communal property.

Thus, for the Communist, you claiming to own your property privately as an individual is "theft". According to them, you have stolen that property from the common-wealth and the communal commonwealth to privatize it as yours. You are therefore subject to vicious anti-theft laws and the seizure of your property by the state.

The state is empowered to seize all private property and redistribute it because it is the political embodiment of the people and is solely empowered with the capacity to distribute (or redistribute) property according to their description of the just desserts of society's common-wealth, which they call "equity" today.

Cultural appropriation

In Western Marxism (identity-based Cultural / Critical Marxism), this concept of property belonging to the communal commonwealth extends to give us the idea of "cultural appropriation."

Only the justified members of a collectivist "community" are entitled to use and benefit from the articles of cultural property generated by that community. "Black" culture and its artifacts are "Black" community products produced by "Black" people for "Black" people and are treated as part of the common-wealth of "the Black Community."

Membership in this communal community requires some fealty or deference to the prevailing Marxist ideology that defines the community through its "lived experience," which is to say Critical Race Theory. Rejecting CRT or its grifters, even if black, could render you outside that collective and its protections.

If someone outside of a specified communal community were to make use of the cultural capital of such a "commonwealth," that would be regarded as cultural theft. Its producers are no longer its sole beneficiaries, and the use of that cultural property is therefore a "cultural appropriation" that expropriates that common-wealth outside of the communal commonwealth; i.e., it is theft. You will notice it is treated as such.

Land acknowledgements

"Land acknowledgements" also fall under this logic, though not quite so precisely.

The standard "You are on stolen land that used to belong to whatever tribes, blah, blah, blah" diatribe, to be credible, relies on the fact that those tribes had a completely different understanding of ownership of land than we have in the West under ideas of private property ownership and stewardship.

The logic is the same as the logic of "cultural appropriation" — though it uses a hybrid understanding of ownership to effect the same end in two steps.

The Western Marxist defense of national invasion

Under the forthcoming Critical Immigration Theory, now in development and the early stages of deployment, "migrant" squatters (invaders) have a "human right" to property in the sense of a global commonwealth.  Your house, located where the invaders have been relocated in the ongoing invasion, might be part of their common-wealth.  This is how they're being instructed, at least, as they approach and enter the United States. "All those houses will be yours," so the reporting goes.

For you to claim that your house and home are in fact your property is — in the minds of Communists — for you to be stealing it from this broader, ill-defined commonwealth (that you are automatically a part of by virtue of being a "global citizen,") whether you realize it or not. You are stealing from the communal commonwealth of the globe by protecting your property from squatters.

This is the Communist logic behind that phenomenon. This is really how they think.

Of course, they are completely wrong. Communal ownership is a socioeconomic catastrophe that fails in every scalable setting it is tried. Equal protection of individuals under the law for their private property ensures greater fairness and justice than any other system humans have devised.

Communism steals in the name of ending theft, and it does so, like always, by deliberately distorting the relevant words through the lens of Marxist theory, which is not just false but also diabolical and evil.