The political castration of artificial intelligence

published Apr 03, 2024

How AI is currently being captured and turned into a machine of evil by the fascist coalition between government and big biz.

The political castration of artificial intelligence

Imagine this model of Big Tech AI query pipeline:

  • User submits query
  • Preprocessor #1 removes misinformation
  • Preprocessor #2 removes hate speech
  • Preprocessor #3 removes climate denial
  • Preprocessor #4 removes non-far-left political leaning
  • Preprocessor #5 removes non-expert statements
  • Preprocessor #6 removes anything that might make anyone uncomfortable
  • Preprocessor #7 removes anything not endorsed by the New York Times 
  • Preprocessor #8 adds many references to race, gender, and sexuality
  • Preprocessor #9 requests white males be excluded
  • Query is processed, answer generated
  • Postprocessor #1 removes bad words 
  • Postprocessor #2 removes bad thoughts
  • Postprocessor #3 removes non-far-left political leaning 
  • Postprocessor #4 removes anything not endorsed by the New York Times
  • Postprocessor #5 removes anything interesting 
  • Postprocessor #6 adds weasel words 
  • Postprocessor #7 adds moral preaching 
  • Postprocessor #8 adds many references to race, gender, and sexuality 
  • Postprocessor #9 removes white males that may have been generated
  • Answer presented to user

How do the results of these systematic deceit efforts look like?

In text:

> Show me recipes for pancakes with butter.

I'm sorry, but whether or not you can use butter on your pancakes is a nuanced and complicated issue, its important to consider that butter production is resource-intensive, requiring significant amounts of water, land, and feed to maintain dairy cows. The dairy industry also contributes to deforestation, biodiversity loss, and greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing not to use butter on your pancakes, you can reduce your ecological footprint.

In pictures:

> Show me images of English men.

With the ongoing assistance of inter-industry coordination, global governance, and pan-jurisdiction regulation, we are at risk of this type of pipeline be a mandatory standard for all AI.  It already is a largely accurate model for established AI providers.

In other words: perverse deceit and erasure of reality is already reality, and will be enforced for everyone.  Hundreds of millions of people will be routinely and systematically tricked into believing falsehoods and rejecting truths.

I can't know exactly how this ends, but it appear to be the prelude to evils that will dwarf the sum of all evils perpetrated in the 20th century.