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The future of Bitcoin in an increasingly restricted world
Bitcoin won't die. It will merely become the doom of the statist system as it always was intended to be.
Bitcoin without the politics?
Not happening.
Well-known dishonorable individuals associated with Bitcoin are colluding to destroy Bitcoin's fungibility
And it's actually a government scheme.
Why I needed to coin leftarchism
The reason why I've decided to invent a completely new word to classify leftarchists.
An accurate definition of various toxic ideologies including "anarcho"-communism.
If you were king
Wouldn't it be great if YOU were in charge of everything? You could fix the world! Maybe. Maybe not.
A little perspective on the "benefits" of genital mutilation
Allegedly, male genital mutilation (a.k.a. "circumcision") is beneficial enough to justify it. Let's think critically about, compare, and contrast, the so-called "benefits".
...and my first born child.
"But the Soviet Union wasn't communist / socialist!"
Doesn't matter what name you give to evil. What matters is the evil itself.
How the criminals known as "the NSA" can subvert you
A Subverted Organization, Role-by-Role, Attack-by-Attack
But what about the roads?
James Corbett explains how roads can be built without a violent monopoly.
How to make a criminal
Quick guide
Why Bitcoin entrepreneurs are all suddenly voicing the "regulation is good" mantra
The future of Bitcoin isn't "regulation". It is private businessmen making Faustian bargains with organized extortionists.
Dealing with "police encounters"
A very short guide with considerations for dealing with armed thugs of the costumed variety.
It's official: the racketeers are onto Bitcoin
Now that they understand Bitcoin threatens their monopoly on terrorism and extortion (by providing people with an alternative to protect themselves from their racket), they're revving up engines to sabotage and ruin Bitcoin's advantages. Here, I translate the proposed "law" from legalese to people doing things.
If the Internet had been invented three years ago
A reductio of what's going on today with Bitcoin.
The filthy hypocrisy of anti-gay marriage people and pro-gay marriage people
A reprint of Davi Barker's No Right To Marry, written right before the decision by the group of cultists doing business as "United States Supreme Court".
Do you want to be kicked in the face?
Men need not apply -- the kick in the face is only for women, preferably handcuffed.
U.S. spying and Euro outrage
A reality check.
Voluntary exchanges vs. coerced exchanges
The differences as an infographic.