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published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

The "prebunking" campaign by Big Tech — conceived by WEF pricks — has begun. Their goal is to get you to reject everything not approved by corporate propagandists. Will you let them corrupt your critical thinking?

We have consistently shown how climate cultists undermine and attack car ownership and use. Now that the established agenda is theirs, they can safely spell their endgame openly, and it was what we deduced long ago — no car for you... and if the goal requires the economy to be manipulated so that you become too poor to have a car, then screw you. Never forget how much they hate you.

When a predator convinces you to falsely identify him as your friend, and identify more of his victims as your enemies, you are vulnerable to his predation.

The government engages in gaslighting, media parrots it, someone changes Wikipedia to paint the lie as truth, then the debate is terminated. Totalizing political propaganda — don't you know your chocolate rations are larger than ever, peasant?

Child abuse — particularly sexual abuse — is the biggest cause of crime, suicide, drug abuse and human misery in general. This undercover recording (warning: very distressing content) shows some horrifying admissions of abuse.

We will never forget what the trans lobby inflicted on these desperate folks.

History is not called HERstory, because the people making history were far too busy to lecture others on what to call it.