Today's politics explained with Monopoly

published Aug 30, 2022

A fairly good explanation of your current sociopolitical reality.

Today's politics explained with Monopoly

Credit goes to Spike Cohen for the allegory .

Imagine a game of Monopoly, where 3 players play by the rules, but Player 4 gets $1 million from the banker on every turn.

Player 4 would rapidly own the board, and everything would cost way more than the other players could afford.

That's central banking and corporate welfare .

Now imagine the other players have to live in constant debt to the banker because they can't afford anything, and have to work for Player 4 because he owns everything.

That's corporatism .

Now imagine Player 4 offers to "help" the other players by using some of the $1 million to pay off some of their debts.

Prices keep rising, Player 4 still owns everything, and yet the other players think they're benefiting from that $1 million.

That's " social welfare " and " relief spending ".

Now imagine the other players openly recognize how unfair this arrangement is, but demand a larger portion of the $1 million, instead of demanding that Player 4 no longer get free money and have to play by the same rules they have to.

That describes most people's attitude towards this problem today .

Now imagine that there are millions of players, a handful of whom have access to the banker, and they construct a government, with two corporate-sponsored political parties to choose from, to make the whole thing look legitimate.

You don't have to imagine that. You live it .

Now imagine an alternative:

  • The ruling class can't rob us to enrich themselves.
  • Each one of us may choose from multiple banking systems, instead of being coercively tied to one.
  • Prices go down to what we can afford, rather than being inflated forever.
  • We aren't in constant debt and reliant on "assistance".

That's a free market .