"We own the science"

published Oct 01, 2022, last modified Oct 05, 2022

A glimpse into how the United Nations and Google collude — to privilege their catastrophist dogma, above all other information regarding climate change.

"We own the science"

When anyone tells you that Google is great because it surfaces the best information thanks to the best algorithms, make sure to know they deliberately — no algorithm involved — AstroTurf the political positions of their partners first.

Here is Melissa Fleming from the U.N., letting you in on that little secret during a WEF talk:

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Does it not fill you with rage, to hear this woman proclaim "we own the science", so smugly and cavalierly?  In at least a very real sense, they do own the science — they own the pockets and souls of all the corrupt scientists happy to get government / NGO grants to study climate... so long as they tell the U.N. what they want to hear — "more intrusion into private lives is necessary!"

Ownership denotes the right to exclude. To "own the science" means exactly that: formal, systematic exclusion of perspectives and findings. What is a science that excludes new, alternative hypotheses? (Hint: it is not science.)

Where there's power, there's the potential for that power to be abused.  If the power in question is the power to brainwash people into a certain doomsday cult, you bet it will be abused.  And if there's money to be made, well, there will be no shortage of "science man" to buy.

Science owners vs. science.