Now they want to "flatten the curve" of energy!

published Sep 07, 2022, last modified Sep 21, 2022

EU will propose a mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours in order to "flatten the curve". Switzerland threatens prison for those who want to stay warmer than 19 °C.

Now they want to "flatten the curve" of energy!

Not content with having destroyed your life for two years with their pernicious "flatten the curve" pretext, they are resurrecting the pretext to ruin your quality of life again with regards to energy production and use.  Watch:

What this means in practical terms is blackouts, arrests, fines and prison time for people in the EU who dare use their private property — which they paid for — as they see fit, if they unilaterally decide that you shouldn't be permitted to live a normal life.

Ask yourself: why would these politicians not attempt the same repression against the people?  They got away with it the first time — why would they not resort to the same manipulative evil again?

This authoritarianism is not limited to the EU

Maybe you are in Europe, but you are not part of the European Union, and you think this will only affect the European Union countries.

OK — then perhaps you should read these two articles from newspapers in Switzerland:

Switzerland is also preparing to "redefine waste" ("verschwenden") to mean anything the regime doesn't want you to enjoy.  Archive at
The article from 20 Minutes is validated by this other article from Blick —both confirm they plan to imprison people who "heat their home too much".

Both articles confirm that they will fine and imprison anyone who "uses too much energy" ("too much", of course, is an arbitrary line at the discretion of the enforcer).

By the way, they spell it out very clearly — if you thought you could just ride the enforced thermostats at 19 °C by burning your own gas (perhaps because you were smart enough to stock up), using electric heaters, or warming up using any other energy source, think again: they expressly forbid that, and there is a prison sentence of 3 years maximum for your disobedience.

In other words — in Switzerland, there is a prison sentence threat for wanting to stay warmer than 19 degrees, even with your own property, even if it does not affect others' energy stance.  This simple realization should confirm that the underlying motive is not at all energy savings — it is to impoverish you by fiat.

I think it is pretty clear that politicians worldwide were emboldened by discovering they could just declare an "emergency" (entirely of their own doing, in this case) and then they could just imprison anyone who resisted their orders, no matter how petty.

What curve do they really want to flatten?

What you are seeing right now should serve as a timely reminder that, just as the carbon they want to reduce is you, the curve they want to flatten is you.