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published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

These are the "use cases" that central bank digital currencies enable your rulers to impose on you.

See for yourself a tiny bit of the disturbing material schools expose kids to. At which point do we simply move on from "they want to stupidize your kids" to "they just want to fuck your kids?"

Proof of work gives us something that proof of stake does not — unchanging, trustworthy rules, in perpetuity. This is exactly the property that motivates some people to destroy proof of work.

Also known as, how men rate women's looks vs. how women rate men's looks. This was research published — and subsequently memory-holed — by OkCupid mathematicians.

This article from Larry Sanger articulates the principal reasons why neutrality in communication is important. It is reprinted without permission.

Mass murderers can't mass murder without the express collaboration of the public sector worker.

An examination of the lack of consent behind taxation. Animation by bitbutter (Tomasz Kaye).

Lacking understanding of human nature, most fans of universal basic income won't foresee this entirely predictable outcome.

An allegory for the individual addled by incapacity to consider possibilities outside the lines engraved in his mind by his masters, who gets angry at those who can.