The next frontier in deplatforming is to render you vulnerable to crime

published Sep 18, 2022, last modified Sep 20, 2022

The saga of Josh Moon — Kiwi Farms operator — clearly shows how.

The next frontier in deplatforming is to render you vulnerable to crime

Today Josh Moon of Kiwi Farms mentioned something under-discussed, which is how the media class increasingly acts to strip people of protection from crimes.

I'm talking non-violent ones, here. This is a form of soft anarcho-tyranny, or the robbing of rights through other means.

Kiwi Farms is a giant rabbit-hole but the gist is that, as far as I can tell, Moon hasn't done anything in violation of US law.

But a media campaign was just leveled against him to get his site taken down by pressuring companies into stripping him of DDOS protection.

It's worked (so far). DDOS is a federal crime. Journalists have, very simply, wielded their power to make his website vulnerable to criminal attack.

Meanwhile he has (understandably) retained a lawyer to protect himself from legal claims. You should be able to guess what's happened next.

Journalists have now started the same campaign against his legal representation, trying to get his lawyers to drop him, by contacting past clients Wielding their ability to apply economic/social pressure to make sure that, if he is accused of a crime, he won't have a lawyer.

These are two basic, fundamental pillars of American values:

  1. The notion of fully protected free speech.
  2. And the notion that everyone, even if they're a literal rapist mass murderer, deserves fair representation in the court of law.

Both are now being deliberately undermined by journalists acting under the color of protecting "our democracy." To expose their political enemies to both outright criminal acts, and— if their political enemies ever come under investigation—luckily for us, the FBI etc is a totally nonpartisan, non-vindictive agency, simple seekers of truth—to strip them of strong legal representation against whatever crimes are being stacked against them, by these agencies

You might have noticed the same pressure campaigns were levied against no less a figure than President Donald Trump, in the aftermath of the 2020 election To most law firms, his case was made radioactive. And journalists celebrated that they had helped make this so.

One of the DDOS protection outlets Moon contracted said they were devoted to content-neutrality, they fully intended to protect his speech.

Until it came out they were.  Within the next hour, they were contacted by 15 journalists.  Being a very new corp, of course they dropped him.

He doesn't blame them for that, he gets the game.

The rights written into the Constitution, and the social values that both flow from and uphold it, are being eaten away by termites who no longer believe basic legal protection should apply to American citizens who disobey them.

This is... just treason.  Against their own citizens.  Against the root-deep ideals of the nation they pretend they protect.  Their violent anarcho-tyranny is most visible. But this softer version is just as real — and even more corrosive to Americans than their violent crime itself.

With an obvious addendum: The regime's other purposes of stripping people of legal representation is that when the regime acts to strip them of rights, they have no way to seek legal redress Against illegal acts, committed against them by state and state-adjacent actors.

So if you disagree with the state and its extra-state actors, they not only get to take away your rights, but your legal right to *defend* them. Whatever you are at that point, it's not a citizen. It's a subject. Of a rule entirely hostile to you.

All in the name of "democracy."

You can listen for yourself here, btw. Would never be allowed on YouTube, for the exact reasons outlined in this thread. But here's where Americans get to continue to talk about being Americans, free of the issues outlined above. A few of us still exist.