Popular deconstructionism's tactics

published Jul 15, 2022

Check this list out — you may have spotted some of them in the wild.

Popular deconstructionism's tactics

From Wokal Distance's latest substack on woke tactics, here are the sophisticated tactics used by popular wokists to deceive you when they "deconstruct" (id est, sabotage) ideas they hate:

  • Focusing on minor details and drawing unjustified conclusions about what is being said.

  • Pedantically nitpicking the definitions of words in order to deliberately miss the point of what is being said. (I owe this insight to “Cynical Theories” by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay)

  • Reading something in the most uncharitable way possible in order to insinuate it says something it does not say

  • Taking video clips and soundbytes out of their context and reassembling them in ways which change the meaning

  • Taking a suspicious view of the thing being deconstructed, as though the creator is not to be trusted and has something to hide. (This is sometimes called a hermeneutics of suspicion)

  • Ignoring the truth of what has been said and instead focusing on who (supposedly) benefits from the idea and whose interests are served by adopting the idea.

  • Reading power-dynamics into a text in order to reinterpret it.

  • Making fun of and mocking the thing to be deconstructed in a way that misrepresents it.

  • Claiming that a the thing to be deconstructed is “rooted” in a litany of things (white supremacy, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc) even if the text has nothing of the sort in it.

I highly recommend reading the whole referenced text.