What is the endgame of the climate cult?

published Jul 15, 2022

To understand the future, you must look at the past and the present.

What is the endgame of the climate cult?

The cult of climate is a totalizing ideology.  Nothing outside of it is allowed.  Everything you do and don't do must conform to it.  This is the basis of any mass delusion or cult with coercive features.

It's also not a fringe belief system.  Nearly every politician and bureaucrat in power agrees with the cult's central tenets to a large degree.  The top dogs have yearly meetings where they "set targets for the climate".  All those targets involve you becoming poorer and living a worse life.

This is a very dangerous state of affairs.

Don't believe me?

I hope you remember plastic straws; that seemingly inconsequential, apparently informal, and totally useless prohibition demonstrated the capacity of the cult to coordinate unstoppable action worldwide.  Most people took it merely as fleeting nuisance, but it was a flex — if they can fuck with your ability to get something as trivial as a straw in your drink, what can they not fuck with?  Nothing, really.  Everything is on the table.

Which internally makes sense, in a pathological, obsessive way.  If —as the cult's most recalcitrant members fervently believe— you are convinced that someone's quotidian actions (like driving a car, or eating meat, or flying in an airliner, or turning your heating/air conditioning up, or using a plastic straw) are "killing your home in the Firmament", why wouldn't it be justified for you to injure or kill that someone, or to delegate that desire?  Especially if the State and its apparatus of physical intimidation, coercion and aggression agrees with you.

Thus, as the cult's grip on people increases and its shibboleths become accepted dogma, it is easy to see how these fanatical beliefs can and will be used — eventually — as moral justification to impoverish, injure and eventually kill anyone who refuses to surrender to the lifestyle demands ("planet-saving sacrifices") imposed by the cult.

At this point, the climate cultists have only one good reason — public relations — to hold back from a full Maoist Revolution, which they probably don't need because they already have politicians on their side. But the more followers the cult gains, the more justified it will seem to the public to take extremist measures in furtherance of the cult's ends. Cross a critical threshold, and we could very well see epic deaths far surpassing Mao's Cultural Revolution — whether by direct means at the hands of the cultists or, more likely, by clearly obvious side effects of the policies they so badly want to institute (famine, disease, poverty).  And most of the victims will actually agree with the predators, having been caught themselves in the cult's ideology.

They might have started by asking you nicely to recycle, but if they have their way, it will end with total control of all human activities on Earth, no matter how trivial. We're halfway there.

Pay attention to future developments.