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published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

A comprehensive review of the cultural Marxist meme's tentacles. Tip: zoom in (tap/click photo first) to see the text in full size.

No we're not. Our era is an era of extremely low CO₂. For most of Earth's existence it's been much higher; mammals thrived nonetheless, leading to our ancestors evolving into us.

What do ESG, the climate crisis, the energy crisis, 15 minute cities, low emission zones, travel shaming, farming prohibitions, eat da bugs, the oil supply crunch, COVID science, worsening health care, transsexual mutilation of teens, and CBDCs, have in common?

"[...] there is no conflict between liberty and equality: If you hope to obtain equality by redistribution of wealth, you will need masters to allocate the goodies, to avoid a free for all, and some will be masters, and the rest subjects [...]"

In the last quarter century, Western civilization has undergone a radical ethical shift, that has made us all stupid and ignorant, while empowering a venal cadre of grifters. Reject it or lose your world.

With the increasing popularity of privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies, opponents are redoubling their effort to curtail permissionless money, citing money laundering concerns. However, money laundering is a red herring: it is an ethically vacuous notion whose net effect is to keep entrenched powers entrenched.