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published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

Here is the quintessential face of the enforcer of the State. When there's an inadequate supply of sadists to fill this role, the State manufactures more through their "educational" institutions.

The Bitcoin fundraiser for the Freedom Convoy succeeds where Gofundme crumbled. Watch Tucker Carlson echo the main takeaway of his Taylor interview: sovereign money cannot be stolen by decree.

Pay attention, because the person insisting "we must censor people who spread medical misinformation", and the person who insists men can get pregnant and menstruate, and the person who insists obese people are "healthy at any size", almost always happens to be the same venal dipshit.

The future of fiat money is clear, because it is the present already: you piss off someone powerful, they leave you broke at the push of a button. Bitcoin is the only money safe from this theft.

The international system of units and measures didn't have a unit for value. That's finally been fixed.

Listen to this former trans person discuss the irreversible reality he has to bear now. Listen to the voice of experience — detransitioning is much more painful than not transitioning at all.

Take note: the area devoted to labeling the skin color of "the owner", is more than four times larger than the price of the product. Except, of course, if "the owner" is white — I guess those debbils should be lucky that the store still carries their products at all.

From a certain –ahem– angle, it's not hard to understand why Justin Trudeau tends to act authoritarian... you could say, perhaps, like a Communist.

An easy way to spot the lunatic who has faith in the Climate Apocalypsis: contrast what he does with what he preaches.

Climate zealots advance their "crisis" agenda substantially through lies — some brazen, some sophisticated. It should shock you how often these zealots — without any remorse or subsequent correction — tell you wicked lies about important issues, to get you to be unjustifiably frightened. Their obsession makes them into compulsive liars; you should distrust them.

Many are the words used to manipulate people away from the truth. When you reject aggression, and someone calls you extremist, that is an actual extremist projecting, because he supports an extreme action —aggression— whereas you do not.

Artificial impoverishment is every bit as real as natural poverty. A look — prepared by Ice Age Farmer — at the agenda that the World Economic Forum and other NGOs have planned for you and your children.