Disband the CDC

published Aug 16, 2022

An organization turned absolutely worthless by mission creep and bureaucracy, which might well kill more people than it saves.

"Disband the CDC" has gone mainstream.  From the article (link below):

THIS article covers a great deal of ground that will be familiar to bad cattitude readers.

The CDC failed on virtually every measurable metric of COVID response:

  • they promoted the pseudoscience of lockdowns and masking trotting out study after study with cherry picked or outright fraudulent parameters,
  • they made up ideas like '6 foot distancing' that lacked any basis whatsoever,
  • they failed to recognize or admit to airborne and aerosol transmission,
  • they pushed over-sensitive and irrelevant testing and fruitless and impossible contact tracing,
  • they claimed vaccines would stop spread
  • they claimed vaccines would be 100% effective vs hospitalization and death
  • they pushed 2 doses and done as the 'path to get your life back' then 3, then 4, then booster forever all on the basis of shoddy science,
  • and they systematically refused to do their appointed job of monitoring the adverse events of the vaccines"

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