COVID-19 heresy: front page

published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Feb 01, 2022

All you need to know about COVID-19, the global response to the pandemic, and its frightening cult disciples, that you won't ever hear from the Cathedral.

Happy first anniversary to the most obvious public medicine lie ever told. Yes, we remember when they lied that you wouldn't catch or transmit COVID, if you surrendered to these lucrative products.

A large, growing proportion of COVIDians are becoming comfortable with expressing their murderous wishes publicly. This should alarm you — brainwash came and went, radicalization is happening now, actual democide usually comes next.

Read this revolting writeup by an associate professor of "medical ethics", arguing unironically that you should be drugged against your will to make you more obedient. Rest assured, it has not escaped us that the "medical ethics" profession is full of people who unironically equate ethics with coercing people to comply with their agendas — rather in direct contradiction of what common sense ethics is.

As you well should know, the science is settled, and science is never about questioning the authorities that tell you what the consensus is, and what you should believe.

Even at the most basic levels of the public discourse regarding COVID and vaccination — the very definition of terms — we find deliberate deceit.