Don't talk about fascism, Coronazi

published Sep 26, 2022, last modified Sep 27, 2022

The fascist sees not in the mirror, for fear of seeing the fascist he fears.

Dear Covidian:

For the last year, did you not wear a mask with gusto?  Did you complain when others refused?  Did you not take every single injection with joy?  Did you not lock up at home?  Did you not cut friends out of your life?

Then don't fucking complain to me about fascism.

You went literally two years getting probed and papers please'd wherever the fuck you went.  And you demanded that others be subject to the same dehumanization you craved — or worse.  It was your enthusiastic compliance — nay, your zealotry — what made our lives miserable and small.

You wouldn't know fascism if it put you in a mother fucking gas chamber.  You might just gladly walk into the chamber, and huff thn poisonous gas to the last deadly molecule, if you were told it was to kick Corona in the balls or something like that.

You don't know fascism.

Because you are fascism.