COVID-19 heresy: front page

published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Feb 01, 2022

All you need to know about COVID-19, the global response to the pandemic, and its frightening cult disciples, that you won't ever hear from the Cathedral.

Most of the civilized world is crossing a barbaric line, and there might not be a way back. The signs of organized violence and mass formation are already there. Learn, step by step, how we got here.

If someone tells you to trust anything, their true demand is that you suspend your judgment.

A reprint of the now-deleted Spartacus letter detailing everything known at the time about the criminal conspiracy that uses COVID-19 as pretext.

The true purpose of keeping you ueder constant terror with unending lies and absurdity after absurdity is to elicit your total obedience and surrender. The more absurd the imposition, the better — your absolute compliance is proof that you are absolutely subjugated and defeated.

Your misery was not "an unfortunate accident" of the pandemic. It was a deliberate effect of two years of constant terrorism from media and governments, aimed at you and your family. They don't plan to stop.

This is the corporation that sells billions of mRNA therapies, with secret government contracts giving them total immunity from liability, around the globe. And your politicians force you to inject yourself with their products.

The public was no longer in mortal fear of a virus that kills 0.3% of the infected... So naturally it was time to publicize the "new and scarier" variant.

Twitter recently hosted this Twitter Space. Listen to the co-host of the broadcast — and pay attention to what he wants for you. Understand that, while the show's co-host is most certainly psychotic, the platform hosting him didn't at all mind broadcasting his psychosis to hundreds of thousands.

The dehumanization situation has now progressed to open advocacy of murder from the public against people who resist mRNA therapies. Don't for a second think this was anything other than a deliberate result of media and politicians openly dehumanizing the populace.

More parallels arise between Nazi Germany's treatment of Jews and German-speaking areas' treatment of opponents to forced injections. Try to see if you can spot the differences between the following pictures.

First, it was called a conspiracy theory by the Prime Minister himself. Then, they proposed it in earnest as "voluntary isolation". How long till they become literal concentration camps like the ones in Australia?

The minute they started defaming me and my family being an "antivaxxer", I understood what "antivaxxers" faced. Coordinated aggression breeds strange bedfellows.

A correlation graph between "fully vaccinated" and "number of new cases" as of now. I am told by trustworthy people that the line means "it's working".