COVID-19 heresy: front page

published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Feb 01, 2022

All you need to know about COVID-19, the global response to the pandemic, and its frightening cult disciples, that you won't ever hear from the Cathedral.

How many politicians / bureaucrats / talking heads mandated, or even shared, any of this sound advice to you? I'll tell you: zero. Might they just be in the bag of —er, I meant, a bit partial toward — the billionaires selling them the billions of injections they force on you?

Noted Covidian Jennifer Rubin appears to change pace publicly, even dares utter blasphemies. Hey Jenny, didn't you tell us to agonize over cases, to the point that lockdowns have been pretexted by case count rather than by (almost nil) death rate?

Especially when it comes to coercing you into doing what they want you to do — the more evil their wants, the more gleefully they'll betray you. You could have been forced to pay 500 years for your retirement... they'll still at least consider scamming it all away if you resist them.

It takes a severely deranged person to behave in this manner. The constant terror campaign from media and authorities — in the face of a contagious virus with a bit more mortality than a flu — has harmed too many people's minds.

Or else — goes the implication — like your cellphone, you might die. Death fear has never been used so effectively to perpetually market a bad product most people don't want.

In many parts of the world, the inoculated are not subject to restrictions of contagious situations, while the healthy and recovered are restricted. Yet we know the inoculated transmit the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Are the restrictions really about keeping you healthy? Or are they just coercion to get you injected regardless?

It was obvious since the "vaccines" came out — eventually governments would perversely prohibit basic activities necessary for survival. The day of that perversity has arrived — a man was denied entry, and therefore purchase of food, at a farmer's market, because he did not comply with the tyrannical requirements imposed by the government.

Not all forms of coercion involve directly pointing a gun. Extortion is a form of coercion. Governments are in fact systematically extorting their citizens into surrendering to medical treatments they didn't and don't want — and they severely punish those who defy their orders.

The Orwellian rewriting of not just history, but now also fundamental concepts, continues. Merriam-Webster has perverted their definition of "vaccine" to accommodate mRNA therapies, and to remove emphasis on producing immunity. What a low form of deception.

It is not we the citizens who arrest you if you break lockdown rules. We aren't the ones demanding health papers from you. We did not isolate you from your family. The only people who abuse you in these ways, are the politicians and bureaucrats you trust so much. We do not hold you hostage — they do. Still don't get it? Then perhaps that explains why you are a hostage today.

What is the word to describe doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results every time?

For the first time in modern medical history, we have a forced product that stops working, whose failures are blamed on those who reject the product.

You want simple solutions. They don't exist. Fix your problems, instead of masking them with pills for years.