Blame everything on the conscientious objectors

published Jan 25, 2023, last modified Jan 30, 2023

First they falsely blamed us for COVID deaths. Will they soon blame us for "not telling them about vaccines being harmful"?

Blame everything on the conscientious objectors

Remember this?

That's when we objectors were maligned as "evil" and "at fault" for consciously refusing to get shoddily-cobbled together untested therapies.

Well, that was then. This is now1:

Interesting, eh?  So — before, we were the villains for "not taking one on the shoulder for the greater good".  And now?  Now we're also the villains, this time because we "didn't warn them" about the dangers of taking untested therapies.

Yes, we know this article — unlike the previous image of a newspaper — could very well be satire.  Like all good satire, it sounds plausible that someone could write something like that, primarily because there are people who think like that and, the world being big, invariably someone who thinks that will write that in earnest.

So, as a precautionary measure, let's hear this loud and clear:

  • It is not, and was never, our obligation to tell anyone anything that we know, about anything.  This includes the perversely corrupt and shoddy process involved in bringing mRNA therapies to market.  The obligation to tell the truth about these therapies was first and foremost on Big Pharma who made them, and then on the communications media and government officials supposedly in charge of protecting us and telling us the truth.  They owed you truth and they lied.  We do not owe you anything.
  • Despite not being our obligation to inform you, we did it anyway — sometimes at great personal cost.  Much of what we had to say — in particular true and relevant facts — was systematically deleted by social media, and simply not permitted to be broadcast at all in mass media.  Many treated us like garbage, defriended us, and clamored for us to die or be caged, simply for daring to be skeptical and refusing coerced medical treatments.  Those assholes called us every name under the Sun — racists, antivax, conspiracy theories, grandma killers — with exactly 0 justification, but 100% perverse intent.
  • If you die or get very sick because you got the therapies anyway, despite us telling you to be careful, remember: you were fully informed and, as such, you are responsible for your fate.  You are not my problem — I don't know you, you are a stranger to me, you never were my problem, and you will never be.

COVID was revelatory to the degree that it helped us all understand who would have your back and who wouldn't.  It made people group themselves by behavior into at least three large categories.  For each category of person, here's a message:

If you are a conscientious objector who (a) did his own research and critical thinking (b) avoided taking the mRNA shots at great sacrifice (c) is now healthy and enjoying some semblance of normality, here is the message for you:

Congratulations.  You were shit-tested, and you aced the test.

If you were early in taking the mRNA therapies and they caused harm to you, but you didn't hear anyone object to them, and you didn't censor or collaborate in harming anyone who objected to them, here is the message for you:

You have my sympathy.  You were lied to, and the liars won't assume responsibility for their acts.

If, however, you are one of the many NPCs who (a) insulted and suppressed us (b) took all the shots like an obedient imbecile who does all government and talking heads tell him to (c) as a consequence, now struggles with disease, or death, or losing family members, here is the message for you:

Haha!  Good!  You would have been a good Nazi in the Third Reich.

1 Simplified view of article is archived here.