Now is the time to make your list of COVIDians

published Feb 20, 2022

With the health panic falling as the sham it was, now is the time to do some post-panic accounting.

Now is the time to make your list of COVIDians

The panic appears to be over.  Most governments have stopped trying to impose schizophrenic rules on the populace.  The NPCs who cheered for these perverse rules are beginning to pedal back their support for lunacy, with fearful statements like:

Now it's your turn to do some accounting.

Take note of every single person who:

  • insisted you must be impoverished and locked up,
  • said irredeemably stupid, anti-scientific shit,
  • behaved callously and sociopathically towards others,
  • clamored for their rulers to mistreat and scare those who didn't want to go along with the agenda,
  • insisted you ought to be separated from your family and friends, and your children must be muzzled,
  • demanded that you take — and pay for — N instances of a medicine you didn't want.

Done taking notes?

Good.  Those notes are useful to you.  You now have a list of people who will turn against you, the next time a crisis takes place.  That list contains the names of everyone who hates you for rejecting the false premises of the global psychosis you just went through.

Remember those names, for the next time they claim they need your support.  When they say "we all went a little crazy", remind them: "no, 'we' didn't — you did, bitch!"

Remember they were not just unwilling to support you — they were willing to throw you to the wolves.  They could (and will) give you ten million pretexts for their behavior in the last two years — what matters is how they behaved, and the near-certainty that they'll do it again.  If they don't outright hate your guts, they at least surely behaved consistent with that.

Use that information for the rest of your life.  If you choose to deposit trust in these individuals, you might just deserve exactly what you'll get.