"Do it for the others" was a lie

published Oct 11, 2022, last modified Oct 12, 2022

In a parliamentary hearing, a Pfizer employee named Janine Small admits they never tested that their injections prevent COVID transmission — as we now know.

"Do it for the others" was a lie

What you're about to watch is astonishing.  You'll hear, from the horse's mouth, how you were manipulated into getting — against your will, and with misinformed consent — a pharma product that was marketed, but never was tested, on the promise to protect others.

Governments around the world used this lie as moral pretext to force you to get these injections — which in turn rationalized the waste of billions upon billions of dollars on these products, in what can only be described as a total worldwide Gleichschaltung.

So this was bullshit.

And so was this.

And the propaganda campaign worked!  Just look around.  How many people took these products grudgingly because they promised to prevent contagion?

The most troubling of it all, is that probably no one at Pfizer, J&J, Astra-Zeneca, Moderna, not to mention the thousands of grifters in government involved in this epic act of global coercion, will ever see the inside of a prison cell.