published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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Can't go to the gym? Gym fees got you down? Plandemic broke your gym? Don't worry — with a little bit of cash, and 3 square meters to spare, you can have a safe place to exercise at home. You'll never ever have to leave your home again to exercise.

Only the plebs — that means 99% of you — are bothered by masks, restrictions, "passports" and similar shit. The quicker you understand this, the faster you'll get that the health scare has nothing to do with your health, and everything to do with turning you into a feudal serf.

Gymstradamus, the guy who candidly predicted exactly everything that would happen, down to segregation of the unvaccinated, now explains to you why lockdowns — down to the levels — are so similar across nations and are applied in lockstep.

Ever wanted to understand how sensible people became highly irrational and paranoid at the beginning of the corona crisis? Remember when you tried to reason with them about obvious false beliefs they held? It was like talking to a zombie, right? There's a specific socio-psychological process to cause this. Professor Desmet explains the process of "mass formation" to understand the zombification of people during this crisis — and other, horrible crises of humanity.

Thalidomide taught us a lesson — a tragic lesson, readily forgotten in 2021.

As expected and forecast by many in the past months, the global imposition of medical treatment against persons' wills continues to advance unabated.

Here it is. The video that Twitter won't let you post. It's Holy Doctor Fauci, after his camera appearance, taking his mask off.