You are living in a two-caste society

published Sep 30, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

The psychopaths who run your society aren't waiting for your consent anymore. Prepare yourself accordingly.

You are living in a two-caste society

Gladys is obviously lying about business "not wanting unvaccinated people". Businesses always want more customers — but the State (which Gladys commands) has either terrorized them into, or prohibited them from, catering to healthy people who reject unwanted medical treatment.

However, the lie does serve a purpose — to convey a clear message to you.

Have you gotten the message yet?

Here's the true message these videos telegraph to you, your family members, and your friends:

We order you, a healthy person, to accept in perpetuity a risky medical treatment you might not want — which we bought on your behalf and with your money, but not your consent — or else we will program the rest of society to hate you and treat you like a diseased pariah.

Will you be the slave who says "how high?" when they demand you jump?

That's a question only your conscience can answer.