Climate panic, then and now

published Apr 22, 2021

"How dare you!"

Climate panic, then and now

In most superstitious and primitive societies, the dumb majority of the population is constantly manipulated into thinking bad weather is their fault.

"You are making the weather do evil things" is an eternally effective control mechanism, because weather is never perfect, and the priestly class never runs out of people to blame and manipulate.

In case you have not noticed: you are living in a superstitious and primitive society.  "Oh, March 13th was one degree warmer than last year's, it's clearly your fault for not sacrificing a goat to Baal / driving your Toyota Tacoma!"  These two manipulative claims have the same energy.

"Global cooling", "global warming", "climate change", "climate emergency"... these marketing slogans have the same meaning in common: terror.

Breathing emits carbon dioxide, as does growing and cooking food.

Have you figured out how to live an entire year without consuming any hydrocarbons or releasing any CO2?

Until you do, your opinions about how others consume energy and emit CO2 is just hypocritical posturing. All of us, including you, have to consume energy and emit carbon dioxide to survive — you don't get to choose for others.  Look: without hydrocarbons, everything in your modern life is impossible:

  • Computers
  • Phones
  • All electronics
  • Cars
  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Medical equipment and medications
  • Houses
  • Heating
  • Food production
  • And much more

None of these things can be made to work without hydrocarbons.  Survive without all these for a year, then lecture others on how to live.  The laws of thermodynamics are clear — the only climate alarmist fully congruent with his own alarmism, is a dead climate alarmist.

The idea of living without emitting carbon dioxide is insane drivel.  Nobody can stop emitting CO2 while alive.  The priestly class can only use this criminally stupid dogma to control what others do.  If you want to make sense out of the morass of contradictions from climate alarmists, one simple trick will do: accept that climate panic is dogma invented with the end goal, not to "save the planet", but rather to control your behavior and force you into a poorer life.  This is the only model of reality where the climate alarmists' Luddite insanity — them lecturing about you driving, using your dryer, traveling, eating meat, and doing every single activity that makes you not poor — suddenly makes perfect sense.