published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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The prior published key data had expired. The expiration date has been extended.

According to the organization, the normal function of the human immune system has stopped even being relevant enough to merit mention under "herd immunity". Abuse of language is abuse of power. Verbal deception is deception indeed.

Cultures are born, reproduce, mature, decline and then die. Edward Dutton explains to us the rise of spiteful mutants, and the associated decline of intelligence at the general societal level, during the declining phases of cultures.

What is one thing that cults have in common? The zealous and violent enforcement of their anal rules. Here we have two examples of that. You can “feel” in your bones the crazy oozing from the lower video, even if you’re the fellow in the upper video.

There are people who will make enormous amounts of money from expensive vaccines, many of them would like you to get injected at practically any cost, and they appear to have absolutely no qualms about lying to you, if it gets them their money.

Imagine going on public television and not knowing that the Bitcoin supply is mathematically fixed.