Reticketing your Urbit ship without breaching

published Apr 27, 2021

How to transfer your already-running planet's master ticket without having to breach or deleting your pier.

When you receive an Urbit planet, you or someone else must transfer the master ticket associated to the ship (generally done through the Urbit Bridge UI).

When the master ticket is transferred, if you have a ship running associated to this master ticket, the ship will stop receiving messages from other ships, because the underlying networking keys will be reset and this reset will propagate to the Urbit network.  This event normally requires you to reset your pier.  Resetting your pier normally involves losing all the data in your pier.  This is bad.

Here is a flow to avoid doing that, courtesy of ~hastuc-dibtux.

the ship will stop receiving new messages until you run that rekey command
so basically your flow is:
- reticket in Bridge
- login with new ticket
- download keyfile from OS > Download Arvo Keyfile
- open up keyfile
- copy the contents
- paste into your ship's Dojo (e.g. |rekey '0v032.342.3234.2342')