Vaccine segregation is officially here

published May 19, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

As expected and forecast by many in the past months, the global imposition of medical treatment against persons' wills continues to advance unabated.

Here is a screencap of the latest form you will be required, if you live in Santa Clara County, CA, to provide to your employer (PDF obtained from, mirror from

In the form, it is clearly spelled out that:

  1. You must report your vaccinated status to your employer.  This is a blatant violation of long-standing privacy prohibitions against demands to disclose your medical treatments and health conditions to third parties.
  2. Businesses are allowed to use this information to literally impose different rules — to discriminate — against you, based on your response to the form.  This appears to be a violation of Title III of the Civil Rights Act.
  3. It is easy to infer, from the verbiage of the document, an expectation that you will be treated like a second-class human, if you do not allow yourself to be vaccinated.  For example, you may be forced to wear some thing on your face that makes your breathing harder, singling you out, vis a vis your colleagues who allowed themselves to be coerced.  Or you may not be permitted access to areas that your coerced colleagues have access to.
  4. If you answer in the form that you decline to answer, the form directly states your answer is to be interpreted as if you did not allow yourself to be vaccinated.

Here it is, in its full glory:

As you can see, this campaign of coercion isn't a bottom-up operation coming from the private sector — which would indicate at least some measure of reasonable initiative from the populace. This is the Santa Clara County health authority making up arbitrary rules around vaccinations and threatening to fine businesses who don't comply.  It's all set up in an artfully convoluted way to make it effectively impossible to challenge the imposition on the basis of civil rights violations.