It's not about migration

published Sep 30, 2021

It never was. It's about building, or destroying, societies.

Societies improve by taking, absorbing, and metabolizing, bit by bit, a steady dose of good ideas and people from other societies, and rejecting everyone and everything else that doesn't fit. Much like the human body, they need that steady flow of water to stay homeostatically right, and an immune system to defend against toxic foreign bodies.

Societies drown when they get masses of unadapted/maladaptive people dumped onto them. Drink 5 gallons of water at once, and you quite literally die in the space of 2 hours. Drink even half a liter of poisoned water, you'll die as well.

Organic migration is normal — societies get to set their own rules for newcomers to come in and adjust, so that the existing population can have certainty that the newcomers will contribute more than they take.  Coerced migration programs — including "refugees" from war zones you had nothing to do with — completely destroy that delicate balance.

I ask you: where would you prefer to live?

Do you want to live in a society that desperately sickens itself with poisons (particularly on account of false "empathy")?

Or would you rather prefer to live in a society that has standards?

Your answer determines the kind of future you and your family will live.