published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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An easy way to spot the lunatic who has faith in the Climate Apocalypsis: contrast what he does with what he preaches.

Read this revolting writeup by an associate professor of "medical ethics", arguing unironically that you should be drugged against your will to make you more obedient. Rest assured, it has not escaped us that the "medical ethics" profession is full of people who unironically equate ethics with coercing people to comply with their agendas — rather in direct contradiction of what common sense ethics is.

As you well should know, the science is settled, and science is never about questioning the authorities that tell you what the consensus is, and what you should believe.

Even at the most basic levels of the public discourse regarding COVID and vaccination — the very definition of terms — we find deliberate deceit.

Climate zealots advance their "crisis" agenda substantially through lies — some brazen, some sophisticated. It should shock you how often these zealots — without any remorse or subsequent correction — tell you wicked lies about important issues, to get you to be unjustifiably frightened. Their obsession makes them into compulsive liars; you should distrust them.

Many are the words used to manipulate people away from the truth. When you reject aggression, and someone calls you extremist, that is an actual extremist projecting, because he supports an extreme action —aggression— whereas you do not.

After two years of continuous stupid orders, the liars are changing their tune. Will they be held responsible? Let's first watch as they sheepishly dial back their schizophrenia.

Much text and video is spent on how "COVID contrarians produce disinformation". But almost no one spends a single second about the actual, grotesque, malicious disinformation knowingly spread by official authorities and mainstream media.

Professor Christian Perronne — an expert in vaccinations from the World Health Organization — summarizes for us all the absurdities and outright lies we were told, to justify a deadly worldwide regime of medical coercion.

Except, of course, when the experts don't go along with the agenda. In that case, your civic duty is to listen to and obey famous ignoramuses who parrot the agenda.