Never forget the hateful zeal of the COVIDian cult

published Feb 16, 2022, last modified Feb 20, 2022

As most of the world slowly ends pandemic lockdowns and mandates, we must never forget the perversity of all those COVID-obsessed authoritarians who called for making the "unvaccinated" a kulak class.

The original article, in Italian, is here.

It didn't start with the gas chambers. It didn't start with the crematoria. It didn't start with the concentration and extermination camps. It didn't start with the 6 million Jews who lost their lives. And it didn't even start with the other 10 million dead people (…).
It started with politicians dividing people between "us" and "them". It began with the speeches of hatred and intolerance, in the streets and through the media. It began with promises and propaganda, aimed only at increasing consensus. (…) It began when people stopped worrying about it, when people became numb, obedient and blind, with the belief that all of this was "normal".

— Primo Levi, writer

Extermination camps for those who do not get vaccinated
Giuseppe Gigantino , cardiologist

I would have fun watching them die like flies
Andrea Scanzi , journalist

If it were up to me, I would also build two gas chambers.
Marianna Rubino , doctor

Dogs can always enter. Only you, as is right, will remain out of
Sebastiano Messina , journalist

Separate wagons for unvaccinated
Mauro Felicori , councilor

We exclude those who do not vaccinate themselves from civilian life
Stefano Feltri , journalist

I no vax out of public places
Eugenio Giani , President of the Tuscany Region

It might be useful for those who choose not to get vaccinated to walk around with a sign around their neck
Angelo Giovannini , Mayor of Bomporto

We are waiting for the no vax to die out by themselves
Paolo Guzzanti , journalist

will be placed under house arrest, locked in the house like mice.
Roberto Burioni , virologist

Do not call them no vax, call them by their name: delinquents
Alessia Morani , deputy

I would like a virus that eats your organs in ten minutes reducing you to a greenish mush  that fits in a glass to see how many inflexible no-vax are left in the world
Selvaggia Lucarell i, journalist

Riders have to spit in their food.
David Parenzo , journalist

Their calls not to get vaccinated are calls to die.
Mario Draghi , Prime Minister

I will put the necessary probes in the usual places, I will do it with a little more pleasure.
Cesare Manzini , nurse

I will pierce the usual vein about ten times, pretending not to take it
Francesca Bertellotti , nurse

I have a heavy hatred of no vax
J-Ax , singer

If the intensive therapies fill up, I will try to unplug
Carlotta Saporetti , nurse

Aren't you vaccinated? Get out of the ***!
Stefano Bonaccini , President of the Emilia Romagna Region

One day we will ethnic cleanse the unvaccinated, as the Rwandan government exterminated the Tutsis
Alfredo Faieta , journalist

The greenpass aims to crush the opportunists at the lowest levels
Renato Brunetta , minister

It is right to let them die on the street
Umberto Tognolli , doctor

I pray to God that the unvaccinated will become infected with each other and quickly die
Giovanni Spano , deputy mayor

We must be tough and discriminate against those who do not get vaccinated, in hospital, at school, in the workplace
Filippo Maioli , doctor

We need Bava Beccaris,
Giuliano Cazzola , journalist , must be fed with lead

Send the Carabinieri to the house
Luca Telese , journalist

We will make his life difficult,
Piepaolo Sileri , Deputy Minister , are dangerous

It is possible to pay them part of the medical expenses, because they are guilty of not having vaccinated
Sabino Cassese , constitutionalist

It may not be nice to wish death, but will anyone miss the novax?
Laura Cesaretti , journalist

If you arrive at the hospital positive, Covid will seem like a spa compared to what I will do to you
Vania Zavater , nurse

The novax are our Taliban
Giovanni Toti , president of the Liguria region

They are criminals, they must be persecuted as is done with the mafia
Matteo Bassetti , infectious disease specialist

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