"Totally penetrated"

published Feb 20, 2022

Cynicism and chutzpah know no limits, in the age of the puppet rulers.

"Totally penetrated"

A week ago, a video of Klaus Schwab went viral, in which he declared with pride that the Canadian government cabinets and Prime Minister, as well as quite a few others, had totally penetrated by WEF alumni.

Two days ago a question posed in Canadian parliament about the extent of the control that WEF has over Canada was interrupted, with an obvious lie about the "audio and video being bad".

Ha ha ha.  "Tell me you're infiltrated without telling me you're infiltrated".  Truly astonishing to watch what amounts to admission of the facts.

They know, we know, they know we know, we know they know we know... and yet they carry on with all the cynicism in the world.

The fundamental vulnerability of any coercive organization is this: however noble the intentions of its original constituency are, the payoff is too big for a group with a perverse agenda not to kill it and wear its skin like a grotesque costume; it's not a question of if, only of when.