Freedom from you, motherfucker

published Feb 16, 2022, last modified Jan 25, 2023

A message to the lockdownistas and COVIDians who want everyone else forced into unwanted medical treatments and isolations.

Freedom from you, motherfucker

You have made it very clear how you feel about me, mine, and people who share my principles.

Now it's my turn.

We've had two full years of deranged COVID lunacy.  I think that is enough.

I want to, and I am going to, live a normal life, without the fear of being vilified, terrorized, aggressed against, discriminated, fired, impoverished.  I care about myself, mine, my friends, and people who share my values.

I don't care if you get sick from COVID.  I  don't care if you asphyxiate to death with it.  I don't care if your grandmother dies — not even if I am the unlikely one who gets her sick.  I don't even care if your experimental injection addiction kills you; it certainly won't kill me, since I'm not going to take it.

If, to get to that point, you and your entire family must catch SARS and drown in their own phlegm, then fine; as improbable as that may be, that's a price of living life I would gladly have you and yours pay.  You getting sick with a flu is neither my problem nor my fault;  I am not turning my life into a pretzel because of your irrational fears.

What to put over my face  and in my arm, as well as where to go, and with how many others, and until what time, is my call.  Those decisions are solely mine, because the risks of those choices is mine to bear.  Equally importantly, my bodily autonomy and the use of my property  do not end where your phobias begin.  And no, your collectivist "Gemeinnutz vor Eigennutz" dogmas don't trump that.

If you want to lock yourself up in an airtight room as we return to normal, be my guest.  Either way, I look forward to returning to a life in which your opinion is exactly that — just your opinion and nothing more, yours alone to cope and seethe with.